Saturday, September 11, 2010

I see FEMA is taking it seriously

We've had a few natural disasters around us lately. The earthquake in New Zealand, flooding in the northeast of the state, bad electrical storms towards to South Australian border. Then for some reason a work colleague who recently moved to the Dandenongs and faces bushfire risks asked me about what should go into a Bug Out Bag (BOB).

I don't know why she asked me?

Might be all the zombie squad posters I have around my office.

I admit I have a bug-out-bag for me and the_weapon, but It's not like I am over the top or anything. Not like these guys.

This is not to be confused with the Every Day Carry (EDC), which for me consists of a utility tool, a small bright torch, something I can use to light a fire, and duct tape. You'd be amazed how often you can find a use for duct tape. I like this brand.

Of course there are other organisations who are set up to provide advice for when TSHF (The Shit Hits the Fan) one of these in the US is The Federal Emergency Management Agency.  FEMA After Hurricane Katrenia there was a lot of complaints about how FEMA handled the emergency. I have more confidence in the agency now after I saw a picture of the office of FEMA's Craig Fugate.

Yes there at the front of the pile of books is Max Brooks indispensable tome.

They may not know how to handle wind and rain, but should the undead walk the earth FEMA is ready.



  1. I see ninja zombies snuck in and stole the 'e' for immediately on the poster. Sneaky bastards. Perhaps it's a GENIUS distraction for the more literate undead. Can you buy those posters?.

    They should sell that as a companion book to the SAS Survival Handbook. In my mind they would go hand in hand.

  2. Unless you're fighting against zombified SAS. Then you're bollocksed.

  3. Yeah, well, then ya only need one bullet.

  4. Moko
    I never even noticed the lack of e and I've seen that poster a lot. Well Spotted!

    Those posters are available from with other free downloadable treats.

    Dr Yobbo
    Zombified SAS - still gotta shoot'em in the head. David Wellington's zombie novel 'Monster Island' posed the problem of riot police who got zombified and thus were wearing helmets. Made head shots more challenging.

  5. A zombie outbreak would affect all Americans unlike Hurricane Katrina which only had a major impact on the poor. I think FEMA considered it natural selection and something that doesn't require a plan.

    Best rule though "No place is safe, only safer."

    No shit.

  6. Heidi Germanaus,
    so as long as the dead rise only in poor areas the apocalypse will go ahead in the US.

    Seems a trifle short sighted on the part of the rich but they obviously know better, or think they do.

  7. I'll still back the concept of pointed sticks as fall back weapons. Its amazing the number of people who won't know what to do when Zed comes lumbering up the street. I call such folk diversional sacrifices.