Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Come on, is that the best you got?

No doubt everyone has heard about the outbreak of swine influenza A (H1N1).

I am sanguine about this one for a number of reason.

The virus was identified a threat early in the outbreak. The virus seems to be transmitted by droplet. While this is worse than if it was bloodborne its better than if it was airborne. In the past the morbidity rate for these viruses are around 4% and so far seem to be responsive to the antivirals oseltamivir (prescribed under the trade name Tramiflu in Australia) and zanamivir.

Medical authorities have raise the alarm, The World Health Organisation has set the ‘global Influenza Prepardness Plan at Phase 4 which is characterized by

"...verified human-to-human transmission of an animal or human-animal influenza reassortant virus able to cause “community-level outbreaks.” Phase 4 indicates a significant increase in risk of a pandemic but does not necessarily mean that a pandemic is a forgone conclusion..."

In Australia we have 8 million viable stocks of Tramiflu for our popualtion.
Our medical professionals have been briefed on the clinical signs and able to send samples to type the virus to confirm if it is swine influenza A (H1N1). The public is aware that if the display flu like symptoms to have them checked. Also the Government on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jim Bishop included swine influenza to be a quarantinable disease in humans under the Quarantine Act 1908.

Under the Quarantine Act, people who, in the opinion of the Chief Medical Officer, are likely to have been exposed with swine flu, can be placed under surveillance until it can be established that they should either be ordered into quarantine, or it is established that they are not affected by the disease.

For myself
I am following the news, still no confirmed cases in Australia though still awaiting results on some. I am carrying out good hygiene practices and have advise co-workers if they cough anywhere near me is shall ‘kill them where they sit’. So I am fairly confident.

How about you?


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  2. Seven WHO-confirmed cases is a bit less than 152 media-confirmed ones.
    Meeja beatup for mine.
    Mind you my department's friendly neighbourhood Professor of Infectious Diseases And Shit is going on national breaky TV tomorrow morn over here which should be interesting. I've suggested he blame the media for the whole thing, including blaming the interviewer, personally. I doubt it will be popular but I strongly believe it will be entertaining.

  3. poppycock i say. you are totally wrong and we are all going to die coughing with twirly little tales. to make it happen faster i intend on licking every body i come into contact with.

  4. I'm staying away from U's end of town then.

  5. Unless the the victims come back from the dead and mumble 'brainzzzz' I'm not gonna panic.

    Do we still mistrust Tamiflu?. There was a whole conspiracy theory thingo about it when the bird flu pandemic was freaking everyone out.

    Piece of advice. If you visit me I'd advise against sneezing or showing signs of the flu or random oinks. You will die on the spot. Just saying.

  6. Tim - was it something we said?

    Dr Yobbo - I have no problem with a media beatup on this one, since I am viewing it was a practice run if a real pandemic starts.

    Umanada - thats quite a strategy

    Dr Yobbo - you and me both

    Moko - heard and understood.

  7. They just confirmed a case of Swine Flu 30 miles east of here...scary!

  8. I cannot believe you people cannot see this for the zombiepocalypse cover story that it obviously HAS TO BE.

  9. Porcine Y2K fizzer

  10. Jenniki
    But your brother's Okay right?

    and a fridge magnet no doubt

    no its the zombieaPORKalypse

    Simon Bedak
    I heard it was a scam started by the cattle industry.

  11. My fridge magnet has Anti Virus Powers and keeps me safe. Works for terrorists too.