Monday, April 13, 2009

Japanese Education System continues to outstrip US, Australia & Europe

Sorry but a festival about a guy who dies and then comes back makes me tad uncomfortable.

A few posts back I mentioned the Onion panel discussion on whether or not the current crop of computer games: Left4Dead, Fallout3 or Fallen Earth are adequately preparing our children for the post apocalyptic world.

Japan has taken this to the next logical step.

Sure some of you may claim this may traumatize the little tykes, though I will say from a survey of the_weapon his only comments were: ‘Why didn’t they aim for the head’ and ‘bring it’.

Anyway is a preemptive scarring, like exposing your kids to chicken pox so that they don’t get it as an adult.

However Japan you and I are going to have words about this


  1. even though I don't speak japanese - there was a part where the older boy says to his sister "no you go first" crack up.
    They are really lucky none of them went to the cutlery drawer - or hit him with the blade bit of the glad wrap roll.

  2. The Rise of the machines has started. Just wait until those child robots grow up.

  3. WTF!! talk about frightening a kid for life with that shit. Kids need their innocence longer before it is taken away in this big bad world!

  4. And this quote "In coming decades, Asada expects science will come up with a "robo species" that has learning abilities somewhere between those of a human and other primate species such as the chimpanzee." Chimps? robot chimps?!!!?!!!
    So not only do I have to worry about robots, zombies, giant mutant space frogs,pandemics,Art Garfunkel, and Blarkon, there's also cybernetic chimps in the offing.
    Planet of The Bloody Robot Apes! Sheesh, I need a drink.