Saturday, June 25, 2011

Its not always about the Zombieapocalypse

Back off man, I'm a Zombiehunter
Though as a card carrying member of zombie squad (motto We make dead things deader) admittedly 97% of my free time is spent with rehearsals, drills, checkinga and re-evaluating my go-bag and every day carry, checking literature, consulting health records, watching for Patient Zero, recharging torches seemingly endlessly recharging torchs, restocking food and medical supplies, watching training films and reading manuals like DEADLINE by Mira Grant.

Occasionally I feel the need to widen my horizons, albeit only slightly. Such as this week when this arrived in the mail.

Don't think me being in a hardcopy will save you
Its Dr Daniel H Wilsons's ROBOPOCALYPSE. I've lauded his work ever since first his lament to the 21st Century  'Where's my Jetpack? A guide to the amazing science fiction that never arrived. He has go one to write a series of how to texts on

How to survive a robot uprising

How to build a robot army:Tips on defending Earth against Alien invaders, Ninjas and Zombies.

The book even before it became available was Steven Spielberg was committed to direct the movie.

In case you were wondering why I bought it in hard copy and not e-text. Manly because I haven't chosen my e-reader yet though when this becomes available I will be sorely tempted. The reason is if it on an electronic device that will make it far to easy for Archos to locate me.

Here is the winning fan made trailer for the book.


  1. Hey way kewl...where can I get my card and priviledges ;)

  2. Follow the link and it will take you to Zombie Hunters website.

  3. I MUST have a zombie hunter card! Dammit Barnes, you just made me realize that my game is so tired. I've got a lot more work today to get ready!

  4. Steph, you are the only non-carded zombie hunter with who I'd hunt Zombies.

  5. Your blog is quite awesome I like all thew sci-fi aspects to it and the stories are great. I myself have always been drawn towards movies of the zombie nature my first being Return of the Living Dead when I was like 9yrs old. Love your blog maybe check out mine?.