Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm a better parent than Nicolas Cage

Like every other parent I try to help my off-spring to be a strong, self reliant, mult-skilled survivor of the coming Zombie apocalypse. From the how-to-make-yourself Apocalypse ready guide here giving him cooking skills based on the London chef Will Sprunt's Apocalypse chow, and signing him up for CDC's Disease Detective Camp for the holidays I would like to think I am laying the foundation for a citizen who will standing against the coming darkness.

But in the recent clip from the soon to be released Movie adaptation of the comic book (sorry graphic novel) Kick-Ass I realise I have been neglecting an important aspect of the_weapon's training.

What a softie!

There's is no way I'd have agreed to ice cream with Chocolate Syrup and nuts.


  1. I love this clip. Just gave it to a friend who has been having the discussion about having children "in these dark days". I'm sure it will pep him up.

  2. Oh. My. God. I'm speechless. Are they INSANE?. What sort of message are they sending out to the SICKO'S of this world.


    Probably the single greatest piece of cinematic genius EVAAAR.

  3. Really hanging out for seeing that movie when it comes out - i just hope all the trailers don't have all the good bits

  4. Could it be that Nick Cage is making a non-crap movie for the first time in ages? Looks like it to me. Great clip Barnes! I'll be sure to steal it, pass it on and take all the credit for finding it. :)

  5. Maenad
    It certainly did me.

    Yeah what sort of sick does that?

    For me its a fear of being stuck behind famatics of the comic doing loud critiques. I may have to hurt them.

    Heidi Germanaus
    I am happy to tell people I got the clip from your blog.

  6. And Jane worries about what I am doing with the kids all day while she is at work.

  7. The other zombie news is that Natalie Portman will be in Pride and Prejudice. She'll be playing Miss Bennet. How awesome!

    Will Mr. Darcy marry her, or eat her?

  8. Er, that's the movie Pride and Prejudice & Zombies.

  9. excellent clip, of course not so easy to do with those +p+ ap rounds that my mate dimitri is selling by the case...

  10. Not only are you a better parent than Cage, you're a better person and actor. I can't stand the guy. He uses the same voice with every role!

  11. Ponderer, although I am the first to applaud Barnes' thespian acumen, no one, and I mean no one, is a better actor than Nicholas Cage. Did you see him in Ghost Rider? Did you? Well, I rest my case, then.