Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There seem to be a lot of 'Days' & 'Weeks' these days:

National read to your child day -14 Feb, International Women's day - 8 March, Diabeties Alert day - 24 March, National library week -12 April, May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, National Teacher Day - 5 May, ...

Just June itself all ready holds
Stand for children day, National trails day, National men's health week, National cancer survivors day, Deaf-blind awareness week, World blood donor day, U.N world refugee day, Public service day,... and the whole month is home safety month,...

So I propose to add another to the list for June, a day to recognize the ceaseless vigilance of those who stand ready to face the shambling hordes of the undead. I want to declare June 23 International Zombie awareness day.

It was on this day in 1983 a low budget horror flick directed by Sam Raimi was premiered, the film Evil Dead gave us the greatest Zombie hunter of all time

Ashley J. Williams

The plot of the film is simplicity itself, a bunch of young adults go to an old cabin in the woods and each is killed, -horribly. A friend at the time directed after a late night showing 'get that thing, outa my video' -yes kiddies movies once came on black book shaped things called videocassettes.

The film spawned two sequels: Dead by dawn & Army of Darkness, a musical, computer game, a marvel comic book, many guest spots, Ash even made the list of Top 100 Heroes of All Time, describing him as "An egomaniacal, complaining, misogynistic goon, Ash is the best demon and zombie killer ever to be portrayed on the silver screen" and made the actor Bruce Campbell that played Ash welcome in any zombie hunter convention in the world.

Campbell himself said Ash is 'A bad slow thinker, but a great fast thinker' and 'Ash is pretty much incompetent at anything other fighting the evil dead'. He seems pretty ingenious to me such as making a chainsaw bracket and shotgun harness, gunpowder from mainly referencing its elemental makeup in a chemistry book, and a fully functional prosthetic hand from a metal gauntlet.

But he cemented himself into the annuals of zombie hunter fandom with bolting a chainsaw to the severed stump of his right hand and at the end of the second film standing in a barren wasteland with his trade mark sawed off double-barreled 12 gauge Remington shotgun and chainsaw surrounded by the evil dead.

"Hail to the King, Baby"

So June 23 International Ashley J. Williams day, whose with me?


  1. I like it, but you start by proposing International Zombie Awareness day and then finish by proposing International Ashley J. Williams day. Which is it?

    And let me say that, with a bit of promotion, I think idea could actually have legs (and braiiinsssss).

  2. Jyggdrasil you do make a good point, but then I always believed inconsistency to be the hobgoblin of a small mind. Which do you think is a better title? I am happy to go with each, but I think Ashley J. Williams is a better goer as you can't mention the name with out calling up Zombie awareness.

  3. I always thought Ash fought demons in the Evil Dead movies. I never thought of them as zombies. But either way, I totally get behind Ashley Williams day!

  4. Heidi Germanaus
    we're a broad church here, though the plot called them daemons possessing the dead, I still think of them as Zombies. Anyway they were dead and they lurched around so I am happy to call Zombies! But then I have a tendency to shout that at co-workers in the morning as they shamble towards the coffee machine.

    I figure someone of your taste and discernment would have seen such a fine film.

  5. Happy International Zombie Awareness Day, Mr Barnes.

  6. Thanks Big Bad Al, help spread the word.

  7. Ha ha, I am MOST definitely a zombie coffee machine shuffler. Some people have no idea what they'll do when the zombies come. I've had my plan since I was nine and it changes every time I move!

    Have you seen "My Name is Bruce"? It's a crappy movie but worth watching for any Bruce Campbell fan. He plays himself and is worshipped by these folks who think he really is the "Ash" character and would like him to get rid of some demons in their town. Definite B-movie but as I said if your nuts about the "Ash" character(which I am) than it's worth it.

  8. Heidi, to this day I count my life unfulfilled that I never got to be an extra in film 'my Name is Bruce', -Great flick.

    Gotta admire a woman with a Zombie plan since she was nine, you're a Zombie Squaddie from way back.

  9. Barnes - I have planted this seed in some fertile ground. Do not be suprised if your traffic stats spike over the next few days.

    I believe the idea has legs and with patience, could come to rival Sept 17th. Of course most will think of it as silly fun, but they will learn despite themselves and be all the more ready when the day comes and the dead rise.

    BTW - I vote for International Zombie Awareness day. Ash is the king, but as you say, its a broad church and some 'zombies' do not automatically call him to mind (Eg. 28 Days later).

  10. Hi,
    My name is Anibal "AJ the Ronin" Delgado writer and co-creator of the web-comic "The Zombiepocalypse: Humanity's worst enemy is Humanit itself".

    I found this thanks to Jyggdrasil and as fate would have the comic is planed to start on June 24. We also planned to reveal our logo the same day. To celebrate the IZAD we are revealing the logo today and we promise that next year if we are still doing the comic (hopefully) and this take hold we will do a special comic this date next year.

    Best of luck

  11. I watched this movie with my BF and his best friend, on a Sunday when I was 17 or 18 years old, terribly hungover. The scene I remember most vividly is when the girl is attacked sexually by a branch or a root. It freaked me out!

  12. Granted the movie that set my zombie escape routes in motion was pretty cheesey. "Return of the Living Dead" believe it or not scared the total crap outta me when I was a young lass. And I think I was more like 10 years old but still young enough to have not seen that much gratuitous nudity. (I'm talkin' to you Linea Quigley.)

    Watching it now I laugh my fool head off becuase of the campiness. It's hard for me to believe that I wouldn't go in the basement of our house for a year because of the Zombie in the drum. Greasy brain-eatin' bastard hiding behind our washer! I just knew he was there.I would've killed for a "boom stick" or a chainsaw hand back then.

    I still love it though because the make-up has stood up over time and there's tons of good brain munchin' That HAS to look real or I'm out of it.

  13. Jyggdrasil
    Thanks for spreading the word, I agree with your take on 'International Zombie Awareness day' and will use Ash as the parton saint.

    A.J. the Ronin
    Thanks for the comment, I'll be following the developments of your web-comic with interest. I am already a fan of such comics as The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Deadworld.

    your experience sounds much like mine. I believe the term to describe what happened to the girl is 'rooted'.

    Heidi Germanaus
    But Ms Quigley lives on in the memory of so many pimply faced teenaged boys who grew up with fond memories of zombie flicks thanks to her tireless efforts.

    The team over at Bloody_disgusting_films report a possible remake of Return of the living dead.


  14. I'll put in my vote for Zombie Awareness Day as long as you put your vote in for June 24th (my birthday!) to be recognized as International Mando Appreciation Day.

    Please contact me for information on where to send the ensuing extravagant gifts of exquisite value.

    (P.S. - I've missed you, ya handsome lug!)

  15. My GOD the neighbour fired up a chainsaw this morning and I thought of you and ASH!!!

  16. I see only one potential problem with your proposal Barnes. June 23 is ALREADY the Grand Duke of Luxembourg's Birthday. As such I will have to reluctantly abstain from supporting this otherwise worthy concept.

  17. Amanda
    I thought it already was International Mando Appreciation Day, though I doubt only one day is enough appreciation, perhaps International Mando Appreciation Month.

    Natalia The Russian Spy
    Always nice to be in thoughts of a fabulous, world-renowned spy, especially in such company as the great ASH.

    Dr Yobbo
    Are you sure he’s not a zombie?

    Just mention it the next time you have Ban Ki-moon around to the mansion.

  18. mate I'm with you on IZAD,much as I like Ash I think he doesn't cover all of the right bases...

  19. Would you believe I haven't seen the movies you speak of. Although I am aware.

    I'm ashamed to be me, right now.

    Yes, I'll show myself out.

  20. Oooh I share my birthday with Amanda! So yeah, 24th for Zombie Awareness Day I reckon (some may argue EVERY day is Zombie Awareness Day).

  21. Chazfh.
    One day you will come to the cult of ASH, probably when being chased by a horde of 28 days fast zombies and ASH takes them out over your head with his shotgun.

    You’re dead to me,
    Which is better than being undead to me at least.

    Good thinking, everyday IS Zombie awareness day in our house

  22. Barnes, sorry Ash shooting above my head? I may as well inject myself with rage virus now then!!!