Saturday, May 9, 2009

Famous Last words

Today is the 9 May in 1864 during the American civil war in at the battle of Spotsylvania
union General John Sedgwick digusted at the way his men were, quite rightly it turns out taking cover, was heard to exclaim

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.."

on soldier who responded to this that he preferred to duck when being shot at, even from a great distance.

To this the general replied "all right man go to your place" just as an enemy sharp-shooter took him out.

So in recognition of 9 MAY as stupid last thing to say day here a few more

"More Light" by Goethe a German poet, novelist, philosopher, and scientist.

" Shoot Straight you bastards" - Lt Harry Moran to the firing squad about to execute him during the Boer war.

"Here is the German heart" - by the last of the "Schillschen officers" - a group of eleven Prussian officers executed on the Schillschen Field in Wesel, Germany, by Napoleon's troops. I'd like to think he was pointing at it at the time to assist aiming.

"The fog is rising" - Emily Dickinson a famous tragic.

"18 straight whiskies I think thats a record" - Dylan Thomas

"Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something." - Pancho Villa

and a personal favourite

"I wish I had time for one more bowl of chilli" - Kit Carson

and to end this day I suggest we all enjoy the following


  1. good vid... "i have butter on my head". I think the best last line goes to Spike milligan " I told you i was ill" - best thing is it's there in stone so no one can dispute it.

  2. Either this wallpaper goes or I do - Wilde

  3. 'Nah reckon I'll kip here in the car' - Bon Scott

    'No I'm NOT sharing this sandwich' - Mama Cass

    'Christ I could use some sleep' - Leaf Hedger

    'First turn here's a right hander ain't it?' - Ayrton Senna

    *Note: may contain traces of stuff totally made up

  4. Oh dude please, mock anyone but my Heath.

  5. "Last words are for fools who didn't say enough" - Karlo Marx, the unheralded Marx Bro.
    "I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis." Bogey. What a man.
    James Joyce said something like "Does no-one understand?" That's right Jimmy, especially me. Reading Ulysses is like trawling for prawns using a fucking hula hoop. Drunken Irish tosser.

  6. Dr Y: love the Senna quote

    'I'm to fat to be hung' Mussolini
    "Bolivian police? He he now I'm really scared! no seriously! Anyway as I was saying to the Castro boys.." Che
    "yes lets have some ice with our tequila, the ice pick is just over there" Trotsky