Monday, February 2, 2009

Sign of the times

Big shout out to the ZOMBIE DEFENSE LEAGUE who last week tried to raise the awareness of the threat of Zed to drivers around Austin. Here is the story.

While some have speculated this is the work of ‘expert computer hackers’ I have my doubts that this is the sort of level of expertise needed. A few online searchers turned up –

“Apparently, while most road sign control pads are placed in a lock box, that box is rarely actually locked. And while most road signs are under password protection, that password is most generally just the default code "DOTS"—or you can easily reset the password by holding "shift" and "control" while typing "DIPY" (so that it just defaults to "DOTS" again)”.

Of course I would never condone such irresponsible behaviour.

Unless of course there were Zombies about.

Or it was time for zombie drill.

Or I was bored and had some spare time.


  1. Could it be all of the above? Too kewl I like the Nazi one the best :)

  2. OMG The produce store down the road had got one for crap they advertise...

    B...I can barely resist the temptation.



    *maniacal laught*

  3. so here you are?? thanks for the heads up ... NOT!!!

  4. The signs are hilarious.
    Nice to find another JS refugee!

  5. They did this on the gold coast today,25642,25003268-5014239,00.html

    you've started something - i think Moko had the day off


    I thought of you when I saw this!

  7. Oh my gosh, how tired am I???! I didn't even see you had a new post...I thought I was putting that article in your last frickin' embarrassing. I am sorry!