Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Battle for Yonkers

A few folk have already written how this year is shaping up for some chock_full_ of_explosions blockbuster movies. I am of course keen for Terminator:Salvation to see Christian Bale's John Connor deleiver a righteous sentient machine butt kicking.

However next year holds the possibility of further cinematic awesomeness with Max Brooks 'World War Z' Movie being screenplayed by Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski and directed by Quantum of Solace's Marc Forster.

Which bodes well for the story, but what about what we are going to see on the big screen? Well Artist Daniel LuVisi has posted some tryout work he did to get a gig on the production team and it looks OUTFRAKINGSTANDING.

Its titled 'The Battle for Yonkers' and for those who have read the book know it to be a vital turning point in the story. Those of you who haven't read the book, ...I am very disappointed.

This is the battle where the military faced the zombie horde in a large scale set piece and got their helmets handed to them. Its a great sequence and will absolutely crucial to the success of the film.

I think if Mr LuVisi gets a guernsey on the production team we will be in good hands.


  1. That pic is just chockful of awesome! I too have high hopes of a good WWZ movie. Really high hopes considering who wrote the screenplay etc. - but Hollywood has such a long track record of fracking up a really good story or character (Judge Dredd being one of the worst offenders).

  2. mate, cannot wait to see them cluster bombing the road, HE Arty round and the HORDE still streaming on in BITS. OH yes, if they get their shite together it will be FUCKING HUGE.

  3. Hmm I just feel that there could be more explody goodness in that pic..maybe it's just me....