Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiting for the letter

It was Book Week at the Falcon Academy. Come as a character in a story the notice in the_Weapon's communication journal read.

These things send a chill through my spine as I try to imagine how these events can unfold without the_weapon and I ending up having to meet with the Academy’s Psychologist / Counsellor.

The day comes and the kids are there in the sort of garb you’d expect: pirates; witches; a ninja. I thought there would be more Harry Potters but they were very few on the ground.

So what did my son go as?


He recently read a children’s edition of H.G.Wells ‘The Time Machine’. So he went as A MORLOCK he even had a business card to hand out to anyone that asked:

Apex predator of 8,028th century
“it was a dull white, and had strange large greyish-red eyes; also that there was flaxen hair on its head and down its back”
- H.G Wells The Time Machine

One of his class mates -an odious youth, the sort who presents a charming face to his superiors but beneath dwells a sneer for any he does not consider his circle, asked in a dismissive tone.

"A Morlock, why’d you want to be that"?

The_Weapon, chewing a large chicken drumstick that we had negotiated as a suitable substitute for long pork, turned to look him in the eye and said loud enough for all to hear:

“I’d rather be predator than prey,…..Eloi”.

So here I am waiting for the letter from the principle to attend a meeting to discuss my child's choice of interests,



  1. Crikey, what a cool ass kid. I can only imagine how much fun you two must have together.

  2. Outstanding! *stands and applauds the weapon* In another life can you be my Dad B?

  3. What will you dress as when you go for the meeting?

  4. Scary awesome. But still awesome. lol

  5. Yairs, but you are only a parent! Year before last I was teaching the likes of the brats of the Falcon Academy, and We had to also dress for the occasion.

    Sheherazade - full Bollywood effect - Moi.

  6. Barnes: that boy will go far, probably in the liberal party but there you go...

    Hughsey: i would expect nothing less!!!

  7. Your son is a genius. I'm telling you, the brilliant ones get sent to the principal's office as children. That was an awesome idea and an awesome response!

    You should be proud of him.

  8. Heidi
    Fun is only one of the words I'd use. Fun it is, but its the need to censor myself blurtting out WTF with some of the stuff he comes out with.

    I have a son, I have it easy. You have a daughter I don't think I manage anywhere so well with a daughter as you have and I imagine she is much like you when you were a daughter.

    Why as a Victorian gentleman who keeps looking at a fob watch and talking about time.

    in equal parts

    and these pictures would be somewhere out there in the bloggosphere?

    Hasn't displayed any born_to_rule ideology yet but I'll keep an eye out.

    Pantless Ponderer
    High praise from one such as yourself.

  9. all praise to the parents of such an awesome person...

    lucky that he didn't want to go as Cthulhu!